Welcome to cinemaspotter!

I have a passion for films. My journey started with Hindi cinema as a child, then steered towards regional Indian as a teenager and then Hollywood and world cinema as an adult.

The quality and kind of films I have consumed over the years – from childhood to present – has hopefully evolved. I enjoy and appreciate all kinds of cinema today, the connoisseur in me meets the popular to create a happy medium.

My attempt will be to give you a glimpse into my varied taste in cinema – the best of old, vintage and new. Through my favourite moments, anecdotes, movies, actors, music and artists of all era and times.

What I truly love about cinema is the way a story is brought alive, emotions are portrayed and life celebrated with a visual, an expression, song and dance. It is truly magical when a movie is able to transport me to a parallel world, transforming and delighting my senses. I hope you are able to experience this and that through my words.

Finally, remember, there is always a new Friday, and a new show. There is always the chance to write a new story. Make it a blockbuster. Dhan Te Tan.

Much love.

Hamida Parkar

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