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Happy 50th, Madhuri Dixit

Happy 50th, Madhuri Dixit. The one who dazzles Hindi cinema with sheer joy and fire in her performances. Her smile has an infectious energy that could add a sparkle to the day and a spring in your step. She was the original Queen who not only worked with the three Khans but also gave them… Continue reading Happy 50th, Madhuri Dixit

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Goodbye Vinod Khanna

  He was the sexy sanyasi with a swagger. With that unforgettable cleft chin, those delicious good looks, solid screen presence and earnest acting, movie punters of yore were convinced that Vinod Khanna was Amitabh Bachchan's only real competition. Khanna himself was pragmatic about it and didn't think much of that analogy. He was at… Continue reading Goodbye Vinod Khanna