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Happy 50th, Madhuri Dixit

Happy 50th, Madhuri Dixit. The one who dazzles Hindi cinema with sheer joy and fire in her performances. Her smile has an infectious energy that could add a sparkle to the day and a spring in your step. She was the original Queen who not only worked with the three Khans but also gave them… Continue reading Happy 50th, Madhuri Dixit

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Goodbye Sadhana

Her ethereal, graceful presence mesmerised on the silver screen. Sadhana was an actress who made one fall in love with her in a moment. No questions asked. She left her stamp in Hindi cinema with only a handful of films between 1960 and 1967 before thyroid took over: Love in Simla, Parakh, Hum Dono, Prem… Continue reading Goodbye Sadhana