Goodbye, Rhythm House


I am one of those people who was unwilling and slow to shift to the digital world of MP3s and iTunes.

I finally settled on Saavn. Being one of their first customers, had sent them a feedback message early on after launch and received an informed reply about the bug – saying they were aware of it and it will be fixed in their next release. A couple of months later, I got an email saying it was fixed and I was thrilled. They cared, I thought. And so, I continue to be their loyal, free customer and will be more than happy to move to paid subscription when I feel the need.

For me, pretty much like book connoisseurs, nothing beats the experience of getting to a store and physically picking up a music CD or a movies DVD with the help of a live person who knows their stuff. Online just didn’t seem to cut it somehow. Or so I thought.

A week ago, the news of Mumbai’s Rhythm House “shutting down” filtered through my feed and I tried ignoring it hoping it would go away. Then I saw another column by Rachel Dwyer. Another post from my journalism professor Jerry Pinto.

I felt terrible many miles away – music and Kala Ghoda will never be the same again without Rhythm House.

Until… I discovered this new song in Bajirao Mastani and dug up its context thanks to another music enthusiast.

After reluctantly trying to move on from listening to Deewani Mastani on loop for a few days, I wanted a change and went on to enjoy the other songs. Joy and tunes behold, found another gem in this fabulously composed album.

The precious Ab Tohe Jaane Naa Doongi. Such soft music, lyrics and classical singing. Too short at 3.32…

Did some nosing around online and discovered this beautiful classical song by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan on which Ab Tohe is based. Thanks to a user on Youtube who had left a comment. (The good thing about SLB is he does copy stuff and make it sound as good or better sometimes. This is one.)

So, I feel hopeful now…

Confident that I will discover versions of Mehmood and Faiyaz in the online world. Waiting and willing to share the goodness and love of music freely and selflessly.

Just the medium has changed.

You will be missed Rhythm House.

A music patron.


Here is the goodbye letter from Rhythm House:

To all Patrons of Rhythm House, Mumbai – In India and abroad

It saddens us to inform you the time has come for us to bid goodbye to the music and video business for reasons that need no elaboration. We are the last of our city’s large format music & video stores to yield to the challenges posed by new technologies and piracy.

We are set to close for business end of February 2016 but our back-office will continue for several months thereafter in case you need any help from us. Some of you may have bought Gift Tokens that have credit balances. We urge you to present these as soon as possible. Those of you who have an account with us and have credit balances, we request you to get these settled as soon as convenient.

We have been in the music business since 1948 and in the video business over the past 30 years or so and closing down is therefore going to be an emotional wrench for us. Many of you have echoed similar sentiments and we thank you for being with us at this difficult time.

So dear Patrons we thank you for your support and continuing custom all these years. We sincerely hope we have lived up to every expectation of yours.

Here are details about cut-off dates for acceptance of Orders.

Shipments within India (Excl. Mumbai): 31st January 2016
Shipments within Mumbai: 14th February 2016
Shipments abroad: 31st December 2015

Nutan Fernandes (
+9122 43222787 / +91 9820649505
Faiyaz Baghdadi (
+9122 43222797 / +91 9323200299
Mehmood Curmally (
+9122 43222777 / +91 9821872006
Amir Curmally (
+9122 43222707 / +91 9820247198

Thank you once again for your patronage and goodwill that we have enjoyed. And not least, our grateful thanks to Lataji and The Beatles who together with a host of other artists enriched our lives.

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